In the Japanese Shinto religion, the spirits live at different points of the compass depending on the lunar month, season, or year. Most of these spirits are benign, a few are evil. To unwittingly travel in the direction of the evil ones invites a curse of violence and bloodshed. One of the most dangerous directions to travel was towards the "demon's back gate" or URA KIMON.

Nine WW2 buddies, now eighty years older, estranged, and in their last years, have been reduced in number down to three. JOE FELTON, one of the remaining members is murdered; the only clue: a small wooden figurine of a woman and two children. BILL BRANAUGH, one of the now two remaining members, living out his sunset years in San Francisco with his son's family, receives an exact duplicate of the figurine along with a photograph of the nine young gyrenes in postwar Japan; his platoon. Seven of the faces have been "X'd" out.

Is it a threat... or a warning?

Bill soon discovers that each of his deceased platoon mates and their families were murdered gruesomely. Each received the same wooden figurine. As events unfold and horrific accidents befall his family, his architect son CRAIG soon realizes that an evil is stalking them, an evil he has unwittingly unleashed, an evil from his father's past, an evil that is seeking supernatural revenge.

With the aid of the only other remaining survivor of the platoon PETER SCHILLING, ALFRED, a haunted Vietnam vet, and SF police detective JOEY YAMADA, the family bands together to fight the evil in a collision of supernatural East meets West.

The dead want their debts paid... in full.

URAKIMON: The Gates of Hell