JOHNNY has inherited an isolated mountain cabin from his deceased mother, an anthropologist specializing in Native American folklore. He arrives for the winter weekend at the cabin with BIFF and BITSY (the quintessential perfect college couple), and RACK and CHINA (over-the-hill new age goth rockers). TAD and MEGAN (a geeky nerd couple), are also along but only for the day in order to set up a TV and entertainment system Johnny bought from Tad.

Johnny reveals he was never allowed to visit this cabin. He hoped to learn more about his mother and why she treated him his whole life as more of a scientific specimen than as a son. The group is surprised when PARK RANGER arrives, having seen lights on in the cabin that's been deserted for months. Once satisfied that Johnny owns the cabin, he leaves, promising to swing back by and give Tad and Megan a lift down the mountain, saving Johnny a trip down. He warns the group that a heavy snowstorm is coming and to be careful of hungry critters.

The group gets snowed in. China feels something is not right at the cabin. She finds a research paper Johnny's mother had written, telling of a gruesome event that had occurred on the mountain during the Civil War. Confederate soldiers had been on the mountain by Union forces. Refusing to surrender, they soon ran out of food... and resorted to cannibalism. Eventually, there were too few left to resist the Union forces and they were captured and executed for "crimes against nature."

That night, Bitsy goes outside to retrieve cigarettes from her car only to be attacked and bitten by something. In a matter of moments, she dies... or appears to.

It is soon apparent that something evil is stalking the cabin, something hungry... for blood. It's going to be a long winter weekend as Johnny and the group battle to stay alive until the Ranger returns.