NINE COLLEGE KIDS returning from a ski trip take a shortcut through the snow-covered Sierra Nevadas to the coast. The college kids range from the NERDS, JOCKS, and NORMAL KIDS. Among them is REESE, a girl under treatment for schizophrenia... or who may be clairvoiant.

A storm hits. While manuevering the winding mountain road, the kids come upon BRYCE who has just killed THREE RUSSIAN MOBSTERS over a mysterious bag. Bryce hijacks their vehicle.

The group is soon lost and running low on fuel. They come across the decrepit and deserted Coombs Sanatorium and break in to take shelter from the winter storm.

A CARETAKER tells them the Sanatorium was where the 40's Hollywood elite went to exorcise their demons, addictions, and perversions. He invites them to weather the storm by watching old horror movies featuring long dead stars. All seems well until the three dead Russian mobsters appear and engage in a bullet-spraying gunbattle with Bryce over possession of the mysterious bag.

The college kids freak and flee deep into the sanatorium with the bag. Odd happenings dog them and they soon discover that the long dead actors have returned, seeking an audience. Despite help from LILA, a ghostly little girl who tries to help them escape, the kids are driven deeper into the Sanatorium and cornered by what appears to be the FAMOUS SILVER SCREEN MONSTERS.

Bryce saves them as he retrieves the mysterious bag from them. He now finds himself unwillingly protecting them from something that has been waiting many millenia to escape from the sanatorium, something that is not going to let any of them go but has a particular interest in Reese.

On top of that, Bryce still has the three dead Russian mobsters on his tail who want that bag...