1758; the French-Indian War rages in the New World as each superpower, with the aid of their Indian allies, sought to drive each other from the lands and establish their nation's dominion.

TOMMY GRIMES, a soldier in his Majesty's colonial army, plans to cashier out of service and marry FAITH HATCHER despite the opposition of her father to Tommy's half-breed background.

A dying fur trapper appears at the British fort, babbling of a "jewel fallen from Heaven" guarded by an army of flesh-eaters. Many to believe it is to be the notorious "heart-eater" MICTLAN, an Indian ally of the French. An expedition is formed, to be led by LT. HALBERS. Tommy volunteers, along with JAMESON, a former slave who now serves in his Majesty's colonial army.

Traveling north, they capture another French-allied Indian, SCAR-CHEEK, taking his wounded son MIIZIGINS north to escape the fighting. Halbers forces Scar-cheek to lead them to the area described by the trapper under threat of executing his son.

Meantime, Faith discovers her father is sending her back to England. She flees, hoping to find Tommy and elope but is captured behind French lines by Mictlan who believes eating her heart will enable him to straddle the worlds of Indians and whites. Faith escapes. Mictlan goes after her.

The British expedition discover the dead are walking the land. As Faith and Tommy reunite, Lt. Halbers finds the "jewel fallen from the Heavens" and determines it is the source of the undead scourge. He plans to bring it back to British lines as a possible weapon to be used against the French.

The only problem is Mictlan... and an army of the undead standing between them and escape.