American soldier JOHN GODDARD is killed by an ISIS insurgent's bullet.

Five years later, John Goddard finds himself on the run, desperately searching for his wife MARILYN and son PETER, searching for the life he once had but is now inexplicably vanishing with each passing day, as if his very existence is being erased.

Throughout his search, he is pursued by mysterious SUNGLASSED MEN who speak in riddles and seek to kill him. But they are not the only ones after him; SARANDON, a crooked cop who has taken a hit contract on Goddard put out by cancer-ridden mob boss FALZETTI is hot on his heels.

Against the backdrop of a world on the brink of nuclear war, Goddard struggles to save the fragments of his vanishing life and make sense of what is happening to him.

With "just-in-the-nick-of-time" help from a gallery of odd samaritans, among them, a hipster named BILLY VENUS, Goddard takes refuge in a deconsecrated mission set out in the Nevada desert where "new-age" BELIEVERS have gathered to celebrate the oncoming Harmonic Convergence and a new age. To keep Goddard there, Billy helps him retrieve Peter and Marilyn; Goddard is horrified to discover Peter wasting away from a mysterious malady while Marilyn refuses to recognize him, claiming Goddard died five years ago.

It's then that an army of the sunglassed men appear, demanding Goddard be turned over to them.

In a twist on "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE," Billy reveals himself to be Goddard's guardian angel.

Billy has plans for Goddard, ones that aren't so heavenly.