BEAU NICKLE and VIRGIL DIME (pronounced Dee-may as he prefers) are two good-ol' boys on Louisiana National Guard duty, tasked with evacuating the residents of Louisiana's largest swamp Bayou Teche to safety as the biggest hurricane in history bears down on the Southeast coast. While evacuating stubborn swampers, Beau and Virgil's National Guard squad gets orders to search for a downed C130 Hurricane Hunter and rescue any survivors.

Local swamper BERNARD ROBIDEAUX and his young common-law wife EPIPHANY are hired to act as guides into the deep swamp. As they lead the Guardsmen deeper into the swamp, they relate the folklore and legends of old, warning of the monsters and horrors hiding out there.

While weathering a squall in an abandoned cabin, Bernard suspects Beau has designs on Epiphany and following a confrontation, is sent packing. Epiphany seizes the opportunity to continue guiding the Guardsmen, desperate to earn enough money to desert Bernard. Bernard vows to avenge his honor and get Epiphany back.

The squad finds the downed C130 but no survivors, only signs of carnage. As they try to unravel the mystery, Bernard and several of boatloads of ARMED CRONIES attack. The situation looks bad... until Bernard and his cronies are attacked by THINGS beneath the swampy waters. Once done with Bernard and his cronies, the things turn their attention to the National Guardsmen.

Beau, Virgil, and the squad are driven deep into the swamps as they defend themselves against the now all-too-real monsters and horrors of bayou folklore. Little did they know that what they would discover at the center of the swamp would be something beyond their wildest imaginings.

(A Nickle & Dime Adventure)