It's the morning after his bachelor party and BILL HOOPER discovers a body of a DEAD TRANSVESTITE on his sofa. Bill's socialite fiancee, JULIE O'JENNY, calls to say she'll be over later with her parents who have yet to meet Bill in person. Bill panics: if he calls the police, Jenny will find out, it will cause a scandal, and she'll cancel the wedding.

In a panic, Bill calls his best friend, VINCE LANE, to help him dispose of the body. As the two struggle to figure out how to get the transvestite's body past MRS. CLAUSEWITZ, the nosy and suspicious neighbor, Bill's landlady, LYDIA FURLEY, shows up to collect the rent and discovers the transvestite's body. She panics, Vince panics, and in trying to keep Lydia quiet, Vince accidentally suffocates her with a pillow.

A hectic sequence of events unfold as the COPS are called at every turn by the nosy neighbor who suspects foul play. Every female who enters the apartment ends up accidentally dead at the hands of Vince and Bill. In desperation, Vince calls his estranged stepbrother CHARLES LATUTTA, a mob lawyer for help.

Charles is pulled into the tangled web when he makes "arrangements" for professional disposal of the bodies... only to end up accidentally killing the transvestite's jilted TRANSVESTITE GIRLFRIEND. The three men begin to fear they carry some curse fatal to women.

Bodies soon litter the apartment. Mrs. Clausewitz continues to call the cops forcing Vince and Charles to end up in drag. Bill must figure out a way to clean up this mess and quick... because Julie and her parents are showing up real soon.