THE WILDFIRE CORPORATION, lauded for its development of the AIDS-2 cure Retrovirin, discovered the first incarnation of the drug had unexpected side effects for a small percentage of users: it turned them into bloodthirsty vampires but without the ability to pass on the vampiric side effect. They are known as "new-vamps."

In an effort to avoid a disastrous public outcry, RACHELA JANSEN, the Wildfire executive who developed Retrovirin, has recalled all batches of Retrovirin, hiring teams of "vampire hunters" such as EARL PEPPER to covertly retrieve the affected patients and remaining samples of Retrovirin.

A club full of new-vamps is discovered during one of Earl's "retrievals." It appears their numbers have increased without anyone's knowledge and it comes to light that new-vamps VLAD and LILLITA are leading a resistance against the Wildfire Corporation. Their first move was hijacking the last recalled shipment of Retrovirin; their plan, to reverse engineer the formula, manufacture Retrovirin, and create an army of new-vamps that will institute a change in the world order with new-vamps at the top of the food chain...

Only Rachela won't let that happen. The "patient" retrieved from the club is none other than Vlad's sister and only remaining family member. Rachela offers a trade: Vlad's sister for the hijacked shipment of Retrovirin. The trade goes off as planned with one exception; Vlad's sister is handed over, lobotomized. It turns out that Vextract, a secret Wildfire project overseen by Rachela, requires the brains of the new-vamps for development.

As war erupts with Earl and his crew battling the new-vamps in an escalating war that spills onto the streets, they discover a shocking secret that will affect humankind no matter which side wins.