TED is recently graduated from college, unemployed, and quickly wearing out his welcome at his stepbrother BOB's apartment. As a break from his daily grind of job-hunting and forays into get-rich-quick schemes, Ted baits Nigerian scammers, stringing them along as he poses as an unsuspecting victim and getting them to perform humiliating stunts in return for the possibility of scamming him.

During once such string-along, Ted comes clean and triumphantly ridicules a "Nigerian Prince" who approached Ted with a claim that he needed a financial go-between to assist him in securing safe passage for his family out of a dangerous situation in Nigeria.

A few weeks later, Ted and Bob discover WILLIAM, the Nigerian prince, on their doorstep, angry at Ted for failing to believe the plea was genuine. The prince's family is now under arrest in Nigeria, their assets confiscated, and their lives in imminent danger. The prince himself is on the run from his State Security Service, who seek to arrest him. The prince can ransom his family and get them out of Nigeria if he can come up with twenty-five thousand dollars, the amount needed to secure the release of funds from a royal family bank account.

William blames Ted for his predicament. He threatens Ted and Bob with a painful death if they don't help him.

What follows is a race to come up with the money... only to discover the required amounts to ransom William's family keeps rising. Ted's predicament sucks in Bob's fianceƩ SARAH, and a stripper named PATRICIA as they try to figure out how to get their hands on twenty-five thousand dollars and not get shot in the process.