It's closing time at Remar's, a Kansas roadside tittybar. As owner REMAR closes up for the night, TEACH drags in SAMMY who's been gutshot. As Teach works to keep Sammy alive, he reflects on the events that led him to this point in time.

Teach is a stranger to the area; following an altercation with the regulars at Remar's, he is befriended by Sammy, a likeable young man with no real life prospects and a baby on the way. Sammy introduces Teach to WILSON, a small-town bigshot, who has them engaged in small-time criminal activities like running guns and smuggling cigarettes.

Teach suspects that Wilson is in on bigger criminal activities and wants in but Wilson doesn't trust him, yet. To test him, Wilson gives Teach a job to do, a job that he will know nothing about until the last minute, a job that involves a pistol. Sammy will accompany Teach in order to verify that the job is carried out.

During the drive, as Teach seeks to get information about the job from Sammy, he learns things about the young man that remind him of his son, dead from having made a wrong choice in life. Since his son's death, Teach has blamed himself for not having been there for his son and not having given him the guidance and advice that might have kept him alive.

But Teach is also not who he purports to be. When Teach finds out that the job is a killing, he is trapped. Does he perform a a morally wrong act for what some would call a greater good? Or does he refuse and set himself up for death at the hands of Wilson as an example for Sammy?