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If the people defending no pay,deferred pay, and barter jobs had any skills, they wouldn't be trolling the CL world defending bottom-feeder gigs.

I'm an experienced and currently working fulltime artist (television, games, books and magazines) and have seen too many decent artists struggling due to the self-styled "professional" bottom-feeders willing to work for free, barter, or deferred pay and consequently lowering the overall pay level for all artists.

Since I'm also financially set (with royalties, a great paycheck, and vastly superior creativity (since I get paid for that excess), I can afford to hopefully enlighten the artists working to make a living and "brawl" with the bottom-feeders who purposefully or mistakenly keep the industry pay scale low.

As to "insufficient designers" not searching the job lists, look up "gig" in the dictionary; among other definitions, it means "a one-time job", not full-time. But then again, the frequent misspelling "Im" (for I'm), other misspellings, and the improper use of ellipses twice definitely speaks volumes about insufficiency.

Not everyone has the financial wherewithal to work for free nor the egotistical bloat to brag about working gigs for FREE and thus lowering the wages for everyone else. Doing so speaks volumes about a self-centered and selfish approach to life: "I've got mine so too bad if you have to struggle".

Show the value of your talent, offer to work for nothing!
(you obviously can't charge for art).