shooting he was involved in; he shot a suspect in a fraud case who attempted to flee. It was a big surprise when they suddenly suspended him pending an internal investigation. (Just between you and me, he's a bit trigger-happy, especially where criminals and lawbreakers are concerned, especially fraudsters and conmen.) I remember him visiting us one time; he got drunk and over a family dinner was telling me (to the embarrassment of my mother) that he thought all these scammers in Florida he dealt with were the kind of low-life scum that pleasured themselves while smelling their mother's dirty under garments and deserved to have their testicles removed so they couldn't pollute society with their stupid offspring. (I still think he would prefer to shoot them, especially if no one was around to witness the act. It was only because another unit arrived on scene during the shooting that the scumbag he shot didn't get a Denver bullet enema.)

Anyway, I want to apologize ahead of time for his attitude and behavior. He made it explicitly clear to me that he will act as a go-between for this transaction so I am resigned to working through him in order to keep peace in the family. He has asked that you supply a photograph of yourself holding a copy of the Clermont News Leader or the South Lake Press as verification of your location. When you meet him to receive the check/money order and transfer the house keys, he will most likely demand to see your ID, as well as take your photo and fingerprints. Years of dealing with scumbags, conmen, and thieves have hardened his heart of the basic good will and honesty of most people in the world. But I know that you are a good, honest, and hardworking person with an apartment who God has presented to me in my search for housing.

I hope this arrangement will work for you and I look forward to a great long term lease.

Thanks again! Harry Bols

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