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(My son had just graduated and was looking for his first apartment. He answered an ad on Craigslist for an apartment that seemed too good to be true. After determining that it was indeed another one of these scumbag Nigerian swindlers based on numerous and well-known tells, I decided to have some fun and answer on my son's behalf.)

Hello Mr. Gardner-

Nick passed your reply to me; I will be sharing the apartment with him and will be the primary renter because I work in Frisco (homeless outreach) while Nick is generally on tour throughout the Northwest with the educational theatre company he works with. I wanted to touch base and thanks you so much for the quick reply; the apartment at 1330 Hayes St. sounds great and we are currently trying to move quickly on securing a place before all the returning students grab all the good ones. I will be attempting to take a look (from the outside as suggested in your reply) as soon as I am able to get a ride to Frisco.

I will fill out your application form and email it to you with all my and Nick's documents and info you've requested as soon as possible. As far as the deposit goes, I assume a check or money order would be sufficient? I did want to say that I have found life is always full of surprises and God works in mysterious ways. My mother mentioned to my uncle that you are living in Clermont, Florida. My uncle lives nearby in Minneola, which I believe is an hour or so away from Clermont. He has offered to act as a go-between in the transfer of deposit funds, paperwork, keys, etc. I will have to say, in fact, that he insisted on it; he currently has a lot of available time, having been recently suspended from his job. Just so you know, he is is an investigator with the Criminal Frauds division at the Minneola Police department. You might have seen the news reports about the recent

CRAIGSLIST (True story)