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Logline: An unexpected desert storm. An isolated diner. Area 51. What could possibly go wrong?
KANSAS (Full-length drama; 7m, 1f)
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Logline: Three men meet at a Kansas roadhouse. They're planning a crime... but suspicions simmer under the surface about who's really who.
THE NIGERIAN PRINCE (Full-length black comedy; 5m, 2f)
Logline: A shiftless young man toys with an online scammer claiming to be a Nigerian prince in need of help transferring 30 million dollars out of his country. Weeks later, the young man is confronted on his front door step by someone claiming to be the Nigerian prince who may have been telling the truth.
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GRINDHOUSE THEATRE: RADIOACTIVE MUTANT CANNIBAL ZOMBIE ATTACK (Full-length camp 50's sci-fi thriller; 6m+, 4f)
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Logline: Survivors of an atomic war take shelter in an isolated canyon from the deadly radiation that poisons the land around them. They soon discover that not all threats to their continued survival exist outside the safety of their bomb shelter.
THE SIN-EATER (Full-length horror thriller; 7m, 3f, with doubling)
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Logline: Afterworld con-artists in 1900’s Baltimore discover their ploy to fleece grieving customers by offering the sin-eating services of their invalid son may be more than they are willing to swallow.
(Full-length camp sci-fi thriller; 7m+, 7w)