INTERLUDE (One-act fantasy; 2m, 4f)
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Logline: A man and a girl meet on a subway, fall in love between stops... with surprising results.
'sCAPONE (Full-length classical farce; 8m, 4f, 10m/f ensemble)
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Logline: Moliere's classic farce LES FOURBERIES DE SCAPIN is transplanted to 1930's gangland Chicago. Otto and Leo are best friends but on opposite sides of a Chicago gang war. Each discovers the girl of his dreams... only to discover their mob-boss fathers have other plans for them. It's up to Keeno, a down-on-his-luck conman, to figure out how to let true love blossom while robbing the fathers blind.
MS. O'JENNY'S KISS (Full-length 60's black comedy; 6m, 5f)
Logline: Bill awakens the morning after his bachelor party and discovers a dead crossdresser on his sofa. The clock is ticking to get rid of the body as his socialite fianceƩ and her parents are coming over and a suspicious neighbor is sniffing at the door.
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GRINDHOUSE THEATRE: SNOW FEVER (Full-length camp horror; 5m, 3f)
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Logline: Johnny's inherited an isolated mountain cabin located on the site of gruesome Civil War battle. A snowed-in weekend with friends soon turns deadly as evil forces conspire to take their souls.
HAMMURABI'S CHAIR (Full-length drama; 3m, 2f)
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Logline: A young man awakens to discover he's tied to a chair in an isolated cabin. Soon, an older man arrives, lays out a selection of surgical tools, and proceeds to play a terrifying game of cat-and-mouse with the young man.